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Identifying the real problem

Addressing the real need of the user is key to create sustainable and significant solutions. Receiving the briefing means to go 3 steps back to see where the real problem lies and to be sure we start our innovation process in a right way.

  • Briefing Workshop

  • Stakeholder Interviews & Workshops

  • Desk Research

  • Opportunity Mapping

  • User Research


the user

Every project starts with a deep dive in the user's universe. This exploration brings us to new knowledge and problem statements that are the basis for new solutions.

  • In depths Interviews

  • Customer Journey

  • Observations/Shadowing

  • Personas

  • Cultural Probes


Co-creation is key when it comes to design new services and products. Not only can it speed up processes, but more important results can be created that where not possible in more common processes

  • Design Sprints

  • Workshops

  • Collaboration Labs

Fail Fast

Short interation of prototyping and testing can provide valuable information to achieve faster the goal.

  • Prototyping

  • User Testing

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