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Transformation is a topic that builds the red line in my work. Transformations are what make experiences more powerful and memorable. They are key to live out our desires, to adapt to a new situation and to be in the moment. Looking into product design, transformation is what makes objects our own individual pieces with a story and relationship.
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The transformation that touches our fundamental needs

Eating-Interaction« is the term that introduces the work. The aim of the work is to elaborate the way we deal with eating and the people who eat with us. The focus is the connection between eating and social life, in particular with communication and intimacy. Eating is one of the forms of communication that cannot be transferred into the digital
world - perhaps the only one. 

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Do not disturb
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Transformations that builds an added value.

The term Imperfection does not really exist in German and has no strong negative connotations attached to it. Therefore, it could be called almost neologism. Seen as a new, distinct value judgement, not solely the opposite of perfection, it could serve as a basis for

a fundamental discourse in design.

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Transformation for a better sleep.

Sleeping problems are increasing in our society. Some people have a problem to wake up, others wake up in the middle of the night and some can not fall asleep. One reason is that we take the stress and thought from our everyday life to bed.


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100 Jahre Leben is a mobile exhibition to honor 100 years old people living at Caritas. As a cosultant and designer i developed the 


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