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HI, I am Katharina

Service Designer, Experience Designer & Innovation Coach.


In my eight years of professional experience I specialized in facilitating co-creative processes to develop new and improved products and services.

I love to discover, analyze and contextualize research findings and translating them into new or improved products and services.

I have helped various organizations around the world to achieve their goals by working on their strategic, cultural and operational challenges.

If you are ready to go the extra mile, let’s partner in exploring the opportunities and challenges that you are facing in the journey to become and stay relevant.

Innovative sustainable solutions start by diving deep into both the customers' world and clients context starting by finding the real problem. I believe in the approach of rapid-prototyping where testing & learning from failure is key.

My approach is both goal orientated as well as reflective in order to fulfil the direct needs as well as the long-term ambitions of my clients. 


Understanding the patient of the future and their decision making process

Latest Publications

The Future of Service Design Publication

For the 20th anniversary of the worldwide first Service Design department, Birgit Mager and the TH Köln organized and event with international specialists to exchange about the Future of Service Design. Take a look: and check out the pages 44ff. :) Hope you enjoy it.

For the Podcast Mein nächster Job Jannike Stöhr interviewed me about the Job of a Service Designer.

Sorry, only in german language.

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Medium Article

For the project Lusofonia I was invited to write about my international professionl


Methods & Tools
Cultural Probes Kit

As a guest speaker for the Berkeley Innovation Group, I introduced some advanced tools for Service Design and Design Thinking for innovation projects. New courses are starting from May 11 2020. 

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