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Design theory about the added value of not perfect things

The term Imperfection does not really exist in German and has no strong negative connotations attached to it. Therefore, it could be called almost neologism. Seen as a new, distinct value judgement, not solely the opposite of perfection, it could serve as a basis for a fundamental discourse in design. Examples from other fields such as biological mutations or disharmony in music show that errors may result in something better: a new acoustic stimulus might be wrested from the sound that, at first, made us feel uncomfortable. Most of the design process is controlled by the
digital world that usually does not throw up mutations. Programming in digital arbitrariness to produce „glitches“, for instance, in one example in which designer try to directly produce mutations. In one respect, arbitrariness can give new Impulses and can help to find new perspectives during the design process.opics. »do not disturb« is a concept that breaches barriers subtly. A cutlery that during the

eating process becomes a sensual tool for two.

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