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Net Cologne

Becoming a more user-centric telecommunication provider.

NetCologne is a regional telecommunication provider in the region of Cologne Germany, that serves 518.000 customers.

my role

Design Briefing

Project Concept

User research

Touchpoint analysis 

Persona creation 

Design Sprints

Design Thinking Training

Duration: 4 months

Manpower: Team of 2


The Challenge

Water, electricity, internet. We can not think our lives without these basics supplies and that when they are missing can create stress.

In order to understand the users of NetCologne and their individual needs, personas have been developed. On basis of the personas, several design sprints in co-creation with an interdisciplinary team from NetCologe took place with the goal to uncover opportunity areas for service improvement amongst all touchpoints. The goal was both, improving the user experience and to enable a more human-centric culture at NetCologne 


User segmentation - Persona

Prototypes for four Problem areas.



Amongst all different user touchpoints (shop, call center, technical support), research was conducted with users as well as employees, in order to understand the different types of users and their expectations towards their service provider. The qualitative research techniques varied from onsite and contextual interviews to observation and shadowing.



User Segmentation

The research findings were aligned to a market study and a number of in-depth user interviews. This way, personas were created that represent the different characteristics and service demands of NetCologne customers as illustrated by the matrix. The personas vary between wanting to understand or wanting to trust their service provider. They see their provider either as one that meets basic telecommunication needs or one who is a progressive partner for technical telecommunication topics.


Design Sprints

Several design sprints were held tackling different topics. Working closely with the personas the user needs were at hearth.

the personas journeys. The ideas were made tangible through prototypes

and taken into an initial

user testing within the sprints.

What is a

Design Sprint?

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