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Understanding the needs and values from a new target group, the Millennials, and to become a provider with service excellence.

Gothaer is a German insurance that was founded in 1820. Their products reach from property and casualty insurance, health insurance to life insurance. Beside their 5.589 (2017) employees, they work with independent sales agents and brokers that offer products from different insurances.

my role

Design Briefing

Project Concept

User research

Persona creation 

Design Sprints

Prototyping and Testing

The Challenge

"We need new products and services for young adults.'' This was the brief from Gothaer when we started the project. A target group we barely had access to. In-depth interviews in their living environment opened up the universe that young people that grew up with the internet exist in. The focus of the interviews was to learn about their values, needs, pain and wishes concerning security. Personas were created as well as an overview of what attractors and distractors of services they are using are. Together with an interdisciplinary team from Gothaer, we designed 3 solutions that were tested with the same users we had interviewed. This made it possible to enrich the results by knowing the profiles of each tester.


For Millenials, trust comes from digitalization and automation. For other generations it may come from credentials, certifications or human interaction. (Gravity Tank for the Service Design Network 2015)


Duration: 4 months

Manpower: Team of 3


3 Prototypes

  • 2 Digital Services

  • 1 Business Model

Onsite Interviews

Qualitative interviews were conducted with the user onsite at their living environment. This was very important to get to know firsthand their lifestyle and the objects the own at home. Very valuable pieces of conversation helped dig deeper into their relationship with their belongings.

Undercover Consulting

Our youngest team members went on an undercover consult with the sales agents of our clients. We experienced an important touchpoint, firsthand.

Stakeholder Interviews

Interviews with sales agents helped us gain one more perspective into the current situation, motivations, and fears of working with future clients - the Millenials - and how they observe their values and behaviors.


building empathy

Besides the relationship to objects and the meaning of security personas, also included the information about their need or willingness to be independent as in this generation, the real client can be a parent. 



From the idea to user testing

In this interdisciplinary Design Sprint we started by building empathy with the users. This was a very important start as many of the participants had never interacted with clients of this age. Best practice cases and trends opened their understanding and gave inspiration for more forward-thinking solutions. The testing phase gave the participants the possibility to interact and to get direct feedback from users. The side effect of course of this Sprint was that people from different departments worked together for the first time and could experience the power of innovation when braking silos.


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